World War I and II

A few Vankleek Hill stories for Remembrance Day

The Story of Corp. Strathcona McDonald, Killed in Action October 24th 1918 Corp. Strathcona MacDonald (l) pestered his parents, Dr. Alexander and Ella MacDonald, for 6 months before they finally gave him permission to enlist at age 17.In October, 1916 he travelled to Petawawa and joined the artillery – 72nd Queen’s Battery of the Canadian […]

“Vankleek Hill Boys” and McIntosh Medal. Wiliam Taylor McIntosh is in the middle row, far right.

WWI “Vankleek Hill Boys”

A few years ago, the Vankleek Museum shared a photo on our Facebook page from the year 1916 taken in Petawawa and titled ‘The Vankleek Hill Boys.’ It was discovered in a Saskatchewan home in the late 1940’s. The gentleman who discovered the photo had served in WWII with Ken Brock of Vankleek Hill. The […]