The history of Pilon’s Bakery

We welcome the story of Pilon’s Bakery in Vankleek Hill, a family business that spanned five decades. It is written by Jean-Luc Pilon based on audio recordings made by his father Ambrose, and informed by his own family experiences at the bakery during his youth. Thank you Jean-Luc for sharing the history of this well-loved and long-remembered business.

“Lately there has been quite a bit of interest around reminiscences of Pilon’s Bakery. I recently completed a personal historical overview of Pilon’s Bakery that I shared on a family history website. The main storyteller is my father, Ambrose Pilon, and I complement his account with a number of photo-essays. I hope this will bring back more vivid memories and perhaps answer some questions.”

— Jean-Luc Pilon
Pilon’s Bakery, Main Street East, Vankleek Hill. (courtesy Jean-Luc Pilon)
Notice the blackboard sign propped up against the building. It’s announcing an upcoming softball game. Bill Pilon was a longtime softball umpire at Vankleek Hill games. There was never any arguing with his calls!

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3 thoughts on “The history of Pilon’s Bakery

  1. Heather Lacombe

    What a wonderful read. Always loved reading the history of places. Always interesting to know how people lived in times that were hard.


  2. Laurel MacLean

    I am Luc’s first cousin, daughter of Olive Rosemarie (Sutherland), we would spend many summers staying with Grandpa and Grandma Pilon and my Dad we get up very early and help the boys make the delicious bread and cookies, pies, cakes and crusty rolls, and doughnuts, hot cross buns, and an ice cream cone while you waited. People would come as far away as Montreal and Ottawa to get the fresh goodies. Grandpa would NEVER sell day old bread, he always gave it away to the Church so the underprivileged had a full stomach of the BEST baking in all of Ontario, ok, in all of CANADA. My Uncle Ambrose and Uncle Bill were a real team and Stella was the glue at the front. How I miss them all. They were the BEST. Laurel MacLean (Sutherland) 😷🇨🇦



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