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The history of Sinclair Supply Company

A story of the Siversky family’s success in Vankleek Hill In 2001, Historical Society summer student Seema Maloni interviewed Sidney Siversky. Here is an excerpt focused on the Sinclair Supply business that his older brother Alex Siversky began in the 1940s, and which Sidney joined as a partner.The interview covered various aspects of Sidney’s busy […]

The history of Vankleek Hill’s Mill St. Park 1950-1979

A Story of Kids Finding a Way To Play Twice, Vankleek Hill has constructed an arena on a lot facing Mill Street and backed by Wall Street. How did the arena come to be in this location?This is the location of a small body of water known as the “tarn”, a lingering glacial depression that […]

The history of Riverest Regency Cottage

A Story To Celebrate L’Orignal’s Past And Future As always when reviewing history, particularly local history, everything is open to further research.In May 2021, the 1833 heritage site Riverest Regency Cottage on Wharf Street in L’Orignal plans to open as the Riverest Marina and Restaurant. To mark this endeavour, we present this brief history of […]